Get the Look: Amber Heard’s Gothic twist ‘faux-hawk’

Re-create the Gothic twist ‘faux-hawk’ worn by Amber Heard at the Venice Film Festival

Amber Heard always calls on session stylist Jon Chapman for her red carpet appearances. The Venice Film Festival Premier of The Danish Girl was no different and this time Jon and Amber collaborated to create a modern ‘undone updo’, to give her ultra-glam McQueen gown a fresh, Gothic Victoriana twist.

Jon chose to create a look that would capture the spirit of Amber Heard’s laid-back style and was inspired by the McQueen dress to use the Mohawk as the basis of the style. Amber jokingly said to Jon ‘don’t give me hair my mother would be proud of’.

Hair Texture: Fine & processed, long and lots of it

The Look: Edgy, gothic-glam red carpet style

  1. Begin by shampooing hair with the relevant Philip Kingsley products for your hair texture. In Amber Heard’s case this would be Body Building Shampoo and Moisture Balancing Conditioner
  1. Spritz Daily Damage Defence throughout mid-lengths and ends of damp hair to help protect from heat styling and give hair glossy shine
  1. Follow with Maximizer, applying to the roots, mid-lengths and ends to give hair bulk, structure and depth

  1. Rough dry the hair, tipping the head upside down to create more volume
  1. Once dry, take large sections of hair at random, spray with Weatherproof Hairspray and tong. This helps make the hair soft and pliable – easier to bend into the shape of the faux-hawk than straight hair
  1. Next, use a small amount of Preen Cream and work through the mid-lengths and ends of hair with finger tips to help separate and add shape. Then spray with One More Day to add texture
  1. Next, separate out the hair for the quiff by taking a horseshoe shape section of hair from the front of the head and pinning out of the way for now
  1. To create the fauxhawk use finger tips to flip the hair completely to one side. Smooth the hair over in the same direction you have flipped the head and secure all the hair in one central panel from the nape of the neck, working up to the top of the head (pin hair at the scalp and let the lengths of the hair fall loose). Then do the same on the opposite side by flipping the hair the other way and securing all the hair at the head in the central panel, working from the nape of the neck to the top of the head, letting the lengths fall loose.


  1. Once done, gather all of the loose hair and pull upwards. Then gently roll it back down on itself, all the way down the length of the central panel to the nape of the neck, securing all of the loose hair with grips along the way.
  1. Spray with Finishing Touch Hairspray and immediately massage this into the hair with fingertips, bending the roll of hair to create the desired shape and feathered, undone texture that is so important for this look


  1. Finally, release the hair from the front of the head for the quiff. Gently backcomb the section and spray Finishing Touch Hairspray at the roots. Separate and texturize slightly with Preen Cream and throw the section back over the head, pinning into the fauxhawk securely to create one seamless panel of hair (the faux-hawk).

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