How to Add Body & Volume to Fine Hair

The most frequent request we receive from women with fine hair is to get more volume, body and bounce in their style. With the party season fast approaching, here are our top tips to achieving volume on even the finest of hair: Wash Your Hair Often People with fine hair tend to get greasy scalps … Continue reading

Products For Curly Hair

We were recently asked on Twitter to write a post concerning the best products for curly hair. So – here it is! Curly hair can either be medium textured, coarse or Afro-Caribbean, and depending on which texture category your curly hair falls into, the products will differ. To help find out your specific hair texture, … Continue reading

DIY Intensive Conditioning Treatment for Black, Afro/Caribbean Hair

Black Afro/Caribbean hair is the most vulnerable to damage & breakage out of any hair texture due to its unique structure and configuration. This means it needs specialized products that provide extra hydration and protection in order to look, feel and be at its best. We suggest that those with Afro textured hair use a weekly pre-shampoo deeply intensive conditioning … Continue reading

Beautiful Hair How To: Ways to get the bounce back into your hair this spring

Spring is the perfect time to get your hair feeling and looking fabulous. After all, spring stands for renewal, regrowth and revival – all things your hair is probably in need of after the winter months! Here are some easy ways to get your hair looking healthy, bouncy and beautiful this spring. Adding Shine to Dull Hair … Continue reading

Black Hair & Scalp Seminar with Gidore Hair: The Science of Black Hair & Scalp.

This Saturday Philip Kingsley had the pleasure of teaming up with Gidore Hair to discuss black hair and scalp issues. Philip Kingsley trichologists, Glenn Lyons and Zoe Passam, spoke to a packed auditorium regarding topics ranging from traction alopecia & alopecia areata to hair processing & styling black hair. In this section we will deal … Continue reading