Trichotherapy – What our customers are saying

Throughout May 2015, we met with Philip Kingsley customers from across the UK who had been suffering with fine, thinning hair. They have been using the Trichotherapy Regime for several months and the results speak for themselves. We are delighted to share this video so you can discover how Trichotherapy has transformed both our customer’s hair … Continue reading

How To Help Your Hair & Scalp Survive The Summer

Check out our most recent Trichological article, by PK trichologist Elizabeth Cunnane Phillips, on how to keep your hair & scalp healthy during the summer!    Like this? You may also enjoy looking at our  ‘Summer Nutrition’ Pinterest Board and other articles from the PK Clinic!

PK Clinic Director, Glenn Lyons, speaks to the Society of Cosmetic Scientists about Chemotherapy & Hair Loss

As a major contributor to MacMillan Cancer Support, Philip Kingsley trichologist and Clinic Director, Glenn Lyons, was invited to talk this month at the Southwest Region for the Society of Cosmetic Scientists. During his lecture, Glenn spoke extensively on how chemotherapy treatments affect the hair, as well as the impact that radiotherapy can have on … Continue reading

THINNING HAIR AWARENESS WEEK: Dispelling The Women’s Hair Loss Myth.

Thinning hair and hair loss can be a psychologically distressing experience for both men and women. How our hair looks and feels can play such an important role in our day-to-day morale and self-confidence – and even if our peers may not notice the hair loss issues we are experiencing, it can really effect how … Continue reading

Support Your Hair Growth This Winter: Winter Foods High in Iron

Iron deficiency is a common underlying cause of hair loss in women.  Correct iron and ferritin (stored iron) levels are essential to hair growth as they support healthy hair cell proliferation and help to keep your hair in the growing (anagen) phase. Iron deficiency anaemia, be it mild or severe, can cause your hair to … Continue reading